• Change of registration fee

    Only until this week you will be able to take advantage of our reduced registration fee.

    For registrations after October 27, the registration fees for both associates and unassociates will increase, so do not wait until the last moment and sign up!

  • Record of Sponsorships in Visio 2018

    The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office-OEPM has recently joined the sponsorship of Visio 2018, being already 7 companies sponsoring the Conference: Intool go for future, Iale Tecnología, Infoline Insight and Foresight, CDE- Centre for Surveillance of Standards and Patents , Innguma inteligence for everyone, antara see further, grow faster. Great success!!!

    If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please check the types of sponsorship we offer and contact us.

  • The preliminary Visio 2018 program is already available

    In this year´s edition we have very interesting presentations and, above all, a large ibero-american presence in the program.

    We hope you will find this information interesting!

  • Coming soon preliminary program and opening of registrations

    Thanks to the contributions received in the Call, the preliminary programme prepared by the organization and experts committee will be published shortly.

    The first day's sessions will focus on network or collaborative intelligence, territorial intelligence, technology watch through patents and a very complete session with Ibero-American experiences.

    For the second day we will maintain the structure of the last editions, starting with a business session, followed by tools and a trends.

    On the other hand, registration will be open soon, and as in previous years, the sooner you register the better conditions you will get, so keep an eye on the web!

  • Talks, Articles and Minutes

    Talks and articles that will take part in VISIO 2018 were confirmed in early May.
    We take this opportunity to remind you that minutes from previous editions can be requested through our website.